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Albert Binghams Account 5th Lincolns

Albert Ernest Bingham

From the archives of the Lincoln City Library.

Original from the Gainsborough News dates 10th December 1915

Two of the Gainsborough heroes of October 15th were the sons of Mr. and Mrs. James Green of 144 Trinity Street-Sgt. G.A. Green and Pte. F. Green. Both were married and Sgt. Green, whose death ion the memorable action of Hohenzollern Redoubt has already been recorded, leaves a widow and three children. Pte. Frank Green is reported as missing. For 20 yrs. Pte Green worked for Mr. Cooling, and his wife and children living at 12 Pinchbeck Buildings are hoping for the best. The only news they have received so far is from Pte. A. Bingham “Dabber” who for some time previous had been engaged with Pte.Green with the engineers but building a considerable distance behind the fire trenches. On the day before the…action…. They got orders to rejoin the 5th Lincolns and went on foot the distance being 15 miles. “They carried petrol tins of water between them and were properly done up. They got up to the firing line at 10 O’clock at night and relieved the ---------.” Bingham says. “Me and Rank, Sgt. Skinner and four men got down into the trench bottom for a few hours sleep but we did not get much as there were so many lumps of chalk to lie on. At 7 O’clock in the morning the officer came round and asked us how we were. We all said ‘in the pink’ as we all were. All he said was ‘Get your breakfast lads.’ After that we got our rum and all was as fit as fiddles.’
Bingham describes how he and Pte. Green arranged to look for one another when the charge was over. But while they were changing sections with another battalion, a gas cylinder went off. Bingham looked for Green but lost consciousness and remembers no more until 3 or 4 days later when he found himself in St. Omer hospital. In another letter to Mrs. Bingham, Green says “The poor Gainsborough lads copped it there and there won’t be so many come back as went out, but they have done their bit and I can honestly say they are a good lot of soldiers, as good as the regulars, and I am not swanking.
Bingham is an old campaigner and went through the South Africa War with the Coldstream Guards. We are sorry he has had a rough time. At present he is on leave in Brockenhurst Hants, but hopes to be home tomorrow (Saturday) He says he is completely broken up and very weak though lately he has improved.

As it happened, both men were killed on the Hohenzollern Redoubt on that black day for Lincolnshire in 1915.

Author’s notes: the Private Bingham mentioned in the transcript was in fact A.E. Bingham (Albert Ernest) He was born Gainsborough, Lincs. , 25th March 1873. Serving in the Coldstream Guards, his number was 3259. Enlisted on 18-1-1900. After 3 years with the colours Albert was married on 19-1-1903. His bride was Ada Alice Savage of Stow Bartolph, Norfolk who was in service in Kensington London. Albert Bingham died in Gainsborough 27th June 1944.
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